To stage, or not to stage: that is the question…

Hiring Professional Home Stager is still a question for many sellers. A lot of them are not sure if the Staging consultation will be beneficial for them or not. They are afraid that heir house will be criticized. Here what Add Value Home Staging LLC will discuss with you during consultation and will make sure that you are comfortable with whole process of transforming your home into the showcase property that will lead to a quicker sale.

  • We will explain you why staging is important, why changes are necessary, why today’s buyers are not buying houses “as is”, and why staging is not an expenses but the best short term investment.
  • Will discuss target buyer and their needs.
  • Will explain you difference between “the way we live” and “the way we sell” and why switching to selling mode is so important. Stager will help you to look at your house through the buyer’s eyes.
  • Will help you to resolve issues or disagreements with your husband/wife on what kind improvements or repairs will be most beneficial for your home in order to sell it quicker and avoid price reductions.
  • We will discuss what needs to be done in all areas of your property including curb appeal, front entrance, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and back yard.
  • Personalized master plan will be created that will help to showcase your home.
  • Will give you information on latest designer’s trends and will help you make right choice on wall colors, bedding and other accessories that will make your buyers feel like it’s their  home.
  • Will create a WOW factor by rearranging furniture and accessories using what you already have, or by bringing new art work and other accessories in order to create emotional attachment to the house.
  • Will explain you why listing pictures are so important in order to drive traffic to your house.
  • Will work with your budget and will advice on the most economical ways to make home improvements and repairs or will give you DIY solutions on re-purposing what you already have in your house in order to appeal to the wide range of buyers.
  • Will explain you why it is beneficial to hire Real Estate Agent and will help you to get comfortable with pricing strategy.
  • Will provide you cost effective tips and ideas that will help the whole process of selling your home to become easy and less stressful.  
  • Will give you an advice on where you could find the best deals on accessories or materials or can assist you in shopping.
  • Will give you marketing ideas for your home.

 We will assist you with all your staging needs. From just a consultation to full staging and shopping assistance, please contact us…

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