The house shows well. Staging will not make difference if there are no buyers…

“The house shows well. Staging will not make any difference if there are no buyers…the market is dead.”This is a statement I’ve got from one of the REA in my area.

well or wow


One of weekend I was touring Open Houses that had been reduced in price. The agent did not invite me into the home, I walked in and introduced myself. I was shocked when I heard what he had to say about the house…normally, I would have given him my advice, but is this case I did not… I left without saying anything. To be honest, I really felt sorry for the owners. The house was filled with dated furniture and had dated wall colors, it needed some help.

Yes, the market is slow, but there are always buyers out there. Today’s market dictate  new requirements for a house that is FOR SALE.

It needs to be the best of the best in its price range.

Very often I hear from the Realtor “the house shows well”. IS THAT ENOUGH ?

Shows “well” is not the same as shows “WOW” Add Value Home Staging living room beforeAdd Value Home Staging living room after

This transformation happened at the time of a staging consultation. The living room appears much larger and more open. The loveseat was removed along with the oversized chair and ottoman. They were replaced with two smaller chairs to create a much more streamlined look. Furniture and accessories was found around the house.

Another example of shows “well” and shows “WOW” in the bathroom

Add Value Home Staging bathroom before

This clean but simple bathroom did show well.

It now has a “WOW” look with a new shower curtain, towels, wall art and a coat of paint.

Add Value Home Staging bathroom after

Start today and find your local stager!

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